Nepal Earthquake: Support to Save the Children


In the immediate aftermath of the quake, C&A Foundation is working with its global humanitarian partner, Save the Children, to help reach vulnerable children and families as quickly as possible. Using the emergency fund of the ?Mothers Make the Difference? partnership, C&A Foundation has swiftly made an initial donation of USD 200.000, which allows Save the Children to react quickly and reach out faster with immediate humanitarian aid.

?In this heart-wrenching situation, we know how critical these first few days can be. Through our existing partnership with Save the Children, we can help them to get on the ground quicker,? says C&A Foundation Executive Director, Leslie Johnston.

Save the Children international rapid response teams are arriving in Nepal to support the local teams. The priority is to get safe drinking water, food and shelter assistance to those affected.

With the immediate support of C&A Foundation, Save the Children has already distributed baby packs including baby clothes, blankets and hygiene items. Save the Children will further focus its rapid response and recovery interventions on mothers and children, who are often left in extremely vulnerable and precarious situations.

?Save the Children is conducting rapid assessments in order to develop a detailed response plan", explains Asa Sijöberg of Save the Children Switzerland. ?Our main objective will be to help people regain a sense of normality, particularly children. Services for children and families will be disrupted for months to come and we will help ensure that they have everything they need to cope with the effects of this crisis. Thanks to C&A Foundation and Mothers Make the Difference we can make sure that children are protected and safe, and that mothers are receiving the support they need to be able to be there for their families".

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